The Local Partner Health Services-Eastern region (LPHS-E) – 2023/2024

The Local Partner Health Services-Eastern region (LPHS-E) activity is a 5-year activity meant to address gaps in KP/PPs and TB programs. Generally, KP/PPs lag behind the general population in regards to the attainment of 95 95 95 UNAIDS targets. The main gaps in KP/PP programs include: Low HTS yield among the KPs, which is as a result of low case identification among KP/PPs Living with HIV (KPLHIV); Low linkage of HIV positive KP/PPs to HIV care and treatment; Low Retention of KP/PPs in ART programs: Low viral suppression among KP/PPs on ART: Low retention on PrEP and poor uptake of PrEP by some KP/PPs groups like MSM. The AIDS Information Center (AIC) will support the LPHS-E activity in addressing the above-mentioned gaps through a number of strategies, such as working with KP peers, mentor mothers, male champions, Young Adolescents Peer Support (YAPS) and KP leaders for mobilization and full utilization of health services. The proposed interventions include: index client testing, Social Network Strategy (SNS), HIV self-testing to increase case identification; Peer-led approaches to address stigma and discrimination, follow up and treatment support, tracking those who are lost to follow up, home visits to understand barriers to viral suppression, reasons for missed appointments and encourage them to return to care.