TASO/ Global Fund (Round 7 Phase 11) 2014

Health Systems Strengthening. Trained 5,067 Para-social Workers and 1,002 Male Champions of Gender Equality; Identified 8 CSOs per district & mapped their locations for organizational capacity assessment in the 4 HSS Districts; Conducted Organizational Capacity Assessment (OCA) for the 32 CSOs to identify gaps for capacity building; Trained 68 leaders of the CSOs to bridge the gaps identified during OCA to position them to mobilize resources for their organizations to improve health service delivery in the districts; 28 CBO leaders from 14 CBOs selected for seed granting were placed for experiential learning at TASO Gulu. The 14 CBOs were supported to develop institutional manuals (Finance, HR, Board Policies, etc.) following capacity development.
14 CBOs were supported to develop concept proposals and budgets and were sub granted UGX 101,407, 680 to implement activities in line with National priorities; Facilitated 120 community linkage facilitators to conduct linkages between health facilities and community in management of TB, HIV, malaria MCH, Gender based violence in the 4 HSS Districts.