Strengthening TB, HIV & AIDS Responses in Eastern Uganda; (2016 – 2017

Project Name: STAR-E

Project goal: To provide integrated HIV and TB services including Behavioural change communication and provide condoms within Bududa, Kibuku, Kapchorwa, Busia, Budaka, Butaleja, Bukwo, Sironko, Mbale, Pallisa, Kween and Bulambuli.

Key Results

64,177 (32,627F/ 31,550M) received HIV testing services (HTS); 49 of 1,599 sex workers who received HTS tested HIV positive; Among 4,731 couples (9,462 individuals) 21 couples were discordant and 27 were concordant positive; Of 18,262(9,905F/ 8,357M) children aged 2-12 years, 45 (14M/31F) tested HIV positive; 61,628(30,402F/ 31,226M) were given behavioural change messages; 899,604 pieces of male condoms and 21,110 pieces of female condoms were distributed to targeted populations