Mbale branch Annual General Meeting

This is to inform members of the general public that AIDS Information Centre (AIC) Mbale Branch will hold their Annual General Meeting on Wed 29th July 2020 beginning at 9:00am to 10:30 noon.

During this meeting there will be election of new members to fill the following positions on the Mbale Regional Advisory Committee (RAC):

  1. Vice Chairperson
  2. Treasurer
  3. Representative from NGOS/ Institutions
  4. Representative of People Living With HIV (PLHIV)
  5. Representative of Youth
  6. 3 Members

In line with guidance for meetings during the COVID 19 pandemic, only invited participants will attend in person. The rest are encouraged to join the virtual meeting through the following link:

We look forward to a fruitful engagement with you.

For further information please call or email through the following:

Mobile#: 0776123594, e-mail:

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