Head Office

AIDS Information Centre-Uganda (AIC) first established a presence in Uganda in the 1990s, and has maintained a permanent national office and regional centres overseeing all in-country operations. In the 1990s AIC pioneered some of the earliest HIV/AIDS interventions achieved in Uganda, including community-based home care, and integrating support for people living with HIV into ongoing MNCH and FP programming. AIC has subsequently built upon this strong foundation with a diverse portfolio prioritizing capacity building for Ugandan partner organizations, Private-Not-For-Profit Organizations, Public Health Institutions and ultimately increasing access to comprehensive HIV&AIDS and TB services for underserved populations, especially women living with HIV, Key Populations, Adolescents and Young People and other Priority Populations. Particular emphasis has been placed on support PNFPs to revisit their operational architecture in order to enable them to remain effective, strategic, visionary, flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances.