Laboratory Services


At AIDS Information Centre Uganda, our haematology specialists are committed to providing the best diagnosis, monitoring and treatment for patients with blood disorders and blood cancers. Some of the blood disorders we treat are: anaemia, blood deficiencies, leukaemia, lymphoma, coagulative disorders, metabolic diseases, thalassemia and myeloma.

Early Infant Diagnosis (EID) Services

Pediatric HIV care and treatment is increasingly being prioritized in the global response to the HIV epidemic. Early infant diagnosis (EID) programs offer diagnosis of HIV infection from 4-6 weeks of age, which facilitates provision of life-saving care to infants infected with HIV and enables access to HIV prevention information and support for those testing negative.  AIC is taking lead in  identifying and tracking HIV-exposed infants, timely return of PCR test results, ensuring early treatment of infected infants, collection and management of EID data, and training and supervision of healthcare workers providing EID services.

CD4/8 Count Services

AIC provides CD4/8 counts to HIV Postive clients. A CD4 count is a lab test that measures the number of CD4 T lymphocytes (CD4 cells) in a sample of  blood.  In people with HIV, it is the most important laboratory indicator of how well immune system is working and the strongest predictor of HIV progression.