• SMC Branch Performance
    SMC Branch Performance

    A chart showing the AIC Regional center perfomance on Safe Male Circumcision

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  • Community outreach service
    Community outreach service

    People lining up in one of AIC community outreaches for HIV Counseling and Testing.

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  • Award Winners 2012
    Award Winners 2012

    Our Staff who were awarded Medals during Best Counsellors of the World by WHO in Uganda 2012

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  • Services extended to Soldiers
    Services extended to Soldiers

    AIC has provided services to soldiers and Police forces. ...

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  • SMC Services
    SMC Services

    AIC Offers SMC (Safe Male Circumcission) Services for FREE!!! You are Welcome to Recieve the services

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  • HCT Session - Soldier
    HCT Session - Soldier

    A Soldier undergoing an HCT Session with AIC Staff. Inset, Bleeding Session

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  • Staff Members
    Staff Members

    This is a Snapshot of our Most Dedicated Staff Members. Please Feel free to Contact any of them for Best Service. Management

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  • PTC Supervisor Moderating
    PTC Supervisor Moderating

    PTC supervisor moderating a discordant couple dialogue

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